SokilLink WIFI5HP release

After a long time of development we are happy to inform you that SokilLink WIFI5HP is available for order!

The solution allows to transfer high-definition video with low latency over an encrypted 5GHz Wi-Fi link, draw telemetry overlay on top of it, control a UAV using a gamepad in real-time and establish telemetry link between a vehicle and your favorite GCS.

The product consists of on-board and ground modules. On-board one is only 35x70mm big, what allows to use it even on 450 class multi-copters. It also includes FullHD camera with 100-160ms end-to-end latency. The module can be connected to an Mavlink-capable autopilot in order to read UAV telemetry and control it from GCS or gamepad.

Ground PC has HDMI out for video displaying with telemetry on top of it, USB input which allows to connect gamepad, it also works as WiFi Access Point mode so you can connect your laptop for configuration or control.

Thanks to modular design, the solution may be extended with third-party cameras and digital data links support.