SokilLink WIFI5HP

USD $1500

SokilLink is a complete solution for UAV control. It consists of an FPV camera, on-board and ground PCs and delivers all the required features for modern drones.

The solution allows to transfer low-latency high-definition video over an encrypted 5GHz Wi-Fi link, draw telemetry overlay on top of it, control an UAV using a gamepad in real-time and establish telemetry link between a vehicle and your favorite GCS.


Our goal

Modern drones should be able to do much more than just flying. Every good one should give possibility to see a high quality digital video, give full camera and gimbal control and see drone's important info in real time.

Inspired by best-on-market solutions we decided to develop SokilLink aimed at extrending possibilities of modern drones. We believe that remote control should be simple so we've made our software so that it works on embedded systems, making it possible to use very small onboard PC.

Technical specifications


Confirmed distance1.5km
Operating frequency5.2GHz - 5.8GHz
Supported autopilotsArduPilot 3.6+, PX4 1.8+

Air unit

Antenna connectorMMCX
Operating temperature-40C to +85C
Operating voltage8 - 60V
Operating current500mA @ 12V


Video resolution1080p30
Video latency100 - 160ms
Typical video bitrate8Mbit/s
Focal length2.1mm
Operating temperature-50C to +85C

Ground unit

Video outputHDMI
Suggested controllerLogitech F310
Antenna connectorRP-SMA
Operating voltage12V
Operating current500mA @ 12V


We have choosen boards which will satisfy all your needs: They run Linux, have HDMI input and output respectively and allow to connect peripheral software like cameras or gamepads. Both boards have high-power WiFi for long-range encrypted data link.


High-quality low-latency FullHD camera allows to pilot your drone without any trade-offs. While its dimensions make it possible to mount it even on a small vehicle.

Besides good normal light performance it also can operate in low light conditions.


We spend lot of time making all these features highly customizable. There is a configurator application which allows to conffigure Mavlink routing, video streaming, cameras control and much more. You can also monitor systems health in order to be sure that everything works well.

Another huge feature which would be useful for developers is a possibility to monitor all Mavlink traffic passing through specific interface.