SokilLink Cloud

All In One Cloud Drone Solution


SokilLink Cloud is a complete software solution for remote unmanned vehicle operation. By utilizing an LTE connection you would be able to control a vehicle virtually from any place on Earth. The software allows users to control their drones in manual mode, observe real time digital video from on-board cameras with telemetry displayed on top. It runs on on-board PC (Raspberry Pi 2+ is supported) which is connected to Ardupilot flight controller and delivers all the required features for modern drones. On the ground side a supported Android gaming console is all you need.

Key features

  • Cloud connection over LTE
  • Direct UDP connection between handheld remote and UAV to minimize latency
  • Low latency HD video streaming (~150ms over LTE)
  • Bi-directional telemetry streaming
  • UAV/ UGV manual control using gaming console or external gamepad
  • Multiple cameras support

Supported hardware


  • Logitech G Cloud


  • On-board PC
    • Raspberry Pi 2
    • Raspberry Pi 3
    • Raspberry Pi 4
    • Raspberry Pi Zero 2
  • Camera
    • Raspberry Pi Camera 2
    • NewLink NLK-2MP07
    • Kurokesu C1 Series (with SCF4 lens controller support for zoom)
    • Siyi A8 Mini
  • LTE modem
    • SIM7600G-H M.2/mPCIe module (for full-size Raspberry Pi)
    • Waveshare SIM7600G-H 4G HAT (for Raspberry Pi Zero)