Complex software and hardware solution for Mavlink-powered drones
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Our goal

Modern drones should be able to do much more than just flying. Every good one should give possibility to see a high quality digital video, give full camera and gimbal control and see drone's important info in real time.

Inspired by best-on-market solutions we decided to develop SokilLink aimed at extrending possibilities of modern drones. We believe that remote control should be simple so we've made our software so that it works on embedded systems, making it possible to use very small onboard PC.


SokilLink is a complete solution for UAV control. It consists of on both ground and air onboard PCs and delivers all the required features for modern drones. The software allows users to control their drones in a manual mode, see real time digital video from on-board cameras with telemetry drawed on top, control the cameras using exposed APIs.

It is build to be very flexible and thus allows to build any desired extra functionality on top of exisiting features. It supports all variety of best-in-class Pixhawk-derived autopilots. It even allows to use two ground controllers for one drone (for example, operator and pilot cooperation) or few drones with one controller


We have choosen boards which will satisfy all your needs: They run Linux, have HDMI input and output respectively and allow to connect peripheral software like cameras or gamepads. Both boards have high-power WiFi for long-range encrypted data link.


We spend lot of time making all these features highly customizable. There is a configurator application which allows to conffigure Mavlink routing, video streaming, cameras control and much more. You can also monitor systems health in order to be sure that everything works well.

Another huge feature which would be useful for developers is a possibility to monitor all Mavlink traffic passing through specific interface.


Core module

  • Implemented
  • USB and conventional RC support
  • Device hotplug support
  • Camera control from RC
  • Arm/disarm with safety check
  • Planned
  • Using few physical channels for redundancy
  • Control over WAN
  • Cloud support

Camera control

  • Implemented
  • Start/stop video recording
  • Make still photo
  • Photo geotagging
  • Change camera settings
  • Multiple cameras support
  • Supported cameras:
    • Raspberry Pi Camera
    • Sony Camera API
    • Z Camera E1
  • Planned
  • GoPro support
  • Sony block cameras support
  • Flir thermal cameras support
  • Instant image download to ground

Embedded GCS

  • Implemented
  • Live digital video output
  • Automatic stream discovery
  • Telemetry overlay
  • Camera info (recording state, mode)
  • Switch stream between cameras
  • Touch screen support
  • Planned
  • Multiple vehicles support
  • More touch screen features