SokilLink: hardware and other updates

We are very happy to tell that SokilLink is very close to release. During last few months there were many improvements implemented thus making the entire solution much more flexible and reliable. We have also taken into account your wishes and now want to tell you more about the...


You may remember that entire idea of our development was to make something similar to 3DR Solo on-board PC but much more lexible. In Solo there were two computers: one in the drone itself and another one in RC. So we're going to ship the same boards set.

Ground PC is an Intel-powered board performed in PicoITX form-factor. It has 2 USB inputs which allow to connect USB gamepads/joysticks or an USB trainer dongle which allows to use our system with conventional RC like Turnigy 9XR. There is also a HDMI output which allows you to see HD video stream from your drone and telemetry overlay. Air PC is an i.MX6 board and is only 35*70mm. There are also an USB port, HDMI input for digital video and two DroneCode-compatible telemetry ports. Both boards have mPCIe port which allows to use high-power WiFi radios.

Mainly our system uses WiFi as data link, however we realize that it has some limitations. For those who need more long-range solution we're happy to announce to tell that we're also working on integration with one 3rd-party data link which allows to stream HD video up to 25 km.