SokilLink status

It is hard to build a drone similar to devices represented on market these days.One may succeed in making UAV with great flight characteristics or payload, however it is much harder to integrate all drone device into one working system. There is always demand in video and control links. Knowing more info about drone systems is also good, so telemetry link is also often a requirement.

For Pixhawk-powered drones often the only solution is to use 3 different radio links for each kind of control. Situation with video is the worst: in many cases only old good (well, not so good) analog video transmitter can be used. But that's not last problem: all these transmitters should be placed on the drone frame and protected from influence of each other.

So we've decided to build a solution to solve all these problems. It had to give all features provided by each separate system (RC, telemetry and video transmitter) and much more. We also wanted one radio link to be used for all kinds of data.
So main features had to be:

  • Using Mavlink protocol for all types of controls
  • Digital video transmission from drone and displaying on RC screen
  • Cameras control using their API
  • Using USB HID devices for manual UAV control
  • Flexible structure for easy integration...

And now we're happy to present SokilLink. It is a complex software solution for building a powerful drone. We are sure that it would give you all required functionality to compete on the market. Just contact us and we'd be happy to answer your questions and help you to make your product better!