Probably cleanest F450 quadcopter build

F450 remains one of most popular 450-sized frames even in 2020. While it's pretty cheap, easy to build and repair, it doesn't offer plenty of space for mounting different payloads. Of course, there is enough space for FC, ESC and battery, but it's hard to fit anything else after you place essentials.

So we've made a very clean F450 quadcopter build

Since we mainly use it while testing our solution, we were looking for ways to make the build as compact as possible. As one of the first steps, we've changed ESC locations and placed them right in arm notches:

Then we decided to mount XT60 battery connector and power module on the bottom plate.

This time we wanted to make the build even smaller, giving more space to our on-board module (HUGE SPOILER: we're trying to make it smaller). Previously we mounted Pixracer on the top plate, but we had to mount the module on a carbon extension plate attached to the frame, but we really wanted to dedicate top plate for our module. There was a bit of empty space between battery and top plate what seemed like a great location for Pixracer.

But even this tiny autopilot is too tall, so it was required to strip some unused connectors like some servo rail pins and ESP8266 one.

After there improvements it still was too big to mount into the desired place, so we had to use 5mm spacers between arms and the bottom plate. Hopefully, it was eventually possible to fit everything :)

Battery also fits pretty well:

Entire setup looks really clean and we really pretent it to be a cleanest F450 build (or at least 2nd cleanest :) )

You could also notice we use 3DR Solo landing gears which also fits pretty well on the frame. They are very handy places for antennas.